Experience Nirvanaa!

Nirvanaa is about experiencing a state of total bliss and happiness!

Nirvanaa is an ecstatic mix of contemporary fashion and seamless comfort. Speaking the language of women of today, the brand brings unflinching style, chic vibe and unmatched comfort in your everyday style. From swimwear that transcends beach-to-bar vibe to resortwear that you can comfortably glide into – Nirvanaa takes you on a journey where style feels like second skin!

With superior quality fabrics, precise cuts and silhouettes, Nirvanaa promises of impeccable fit and maximum comfort.

Transcending you to a lifestyle empowered by conscious choices, Nirvanaa takes you a step close to sustainable living. Every piece of our meticulously designed collection tells a story of sustainable craftsmanship, environmental conscience and responsible choices.

At Nirvanaa, we welcome you to explore the world of fashion in a new light!


About the Logo


Nirvanaa’s logo embodies elements that hold philosophical and spiritual meaning in the Nirvanaa predicament. Representing the state of enlightenment, bliss, and liberation from the cycle of birth and death – these elements communicate the essence of the brand!

THE SUN is a source of life, vitality, and warmth. Symbolizing positivity, radiance and the feeling of being alive, the Sun symbol embodies the pursuit of personal Nirvanaa on sun-kissed days in utter comfort and luxury.

EVIL EYE symbolizes safeguarding of one’s inner peace and comfort and ward-off any negativity that may surround you. Evil eye also serves as a channel to focus on enlightenment and tranquility while extending spiritual protection against external influences that may disrupt the attainment of Nirvana.

SHELL establishes a harmonious connection with nature, ocean, and the serene life surrounding us. Shell signifies transformation, growth, and a reflection of you in your journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and truth.

Nirvanaa is a holistic representation of the journey within and the experience of opening oneself up to the state of utter blissfulness. The logo weaves a connection between finding inner tranquility, vibrance of nature, and protection from the unknown to embrace a rejuvenating experience of Nirvanaa resort wear.


Our MISSION to Sustainability!

Welcome to our ocean-loving, sustainability obsessed world!

At Nirvanaa, we’ve got our eyes set on the future that’s not only fashion-forward but also eco-conscious. We believe that the fashion industry should start recognizing the impact made on our beautiful blue planet, especially those pristine oceans we love to swim in. And hey, while the swimwear industry might have a lot of hard work to do, we’re here to lead the charge and show ‘em how its done!

Our commitment to social responsibility is as flexible as our swimsuits (and trust us, they’re pretty flexible!) We’re constantly adapting and evolving, inspired by the expectations of our savvy customers and our own deep rooted values. We understand that the challenges faced by both humanity and the planet are complex and urgent and in need of some serious attention. That’s why we’re shaking up the definition of “fashion-forward”. We’re not just talking about looking good, honey. We’re talking about doing good too.

Our pursuit of change involves an amalgamation of ethics and style. From ethically crafting our collections to contributing to the communities in need, we are trying to bring a change while assessing the impact we create in the world! Ambitious and graceful, we believe in creating a change that acknowledges progress more than perfection.