Let's talk about our star player: OUR SUSTAINABLE TECHNO FABRIC. This baby is made from ECONYL® regenerated Nylon, which is like magic for turning ocean waste into fashionable treasures. We call it VITA , and it's got all the qualities you want in swimwear and more. Versatile? Check. Hyper-resistant? You betcha. Thin and elegant? Absolutely. It stretches like nobody's business and feels softer than a cloud. Oh, and did we mention it's breathable? Because it is!

But wait, there's more! Our techno-fabric is a superhero when it comes to battling chlorine and suntan creams and oils. It's twice as resistant, baby! So, you can splash around, soak up the sun, and slather on the lotion without worrying about your swimwear losing its luster. How's that for making a sustainable splash?

So, join us on this wild, stylish, and eco-friendly adventure. We've set high standards for ourselves, but we're not afraid to stumble along the way. After all, progress is what matters most. Together, we can create a world where fashion and sustainability swim in perfect harmony. Dive in, darling!


  • Recycled yarn
  • Ultra-chlorine resistant
  • Resistant sun cream and oil
  • Muscle Control
  • Shape retention
  • UV protection
  • Excellent coverage
  • Ultra flat
  • Soft and breathable
  • Two-way stretch
  • Piling resistant
  • Perfect fit
  • Extra comfort


Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to being planet-friendly! At Nirvanaa, we take extra-step in ensuring that our packaging is 100% eco-warrior approved! That’s right darling! Your fabulous Nirvanaa pieces arrive at your doorstep in biodegradable garment bags that can even be composted at home. From our mailers to our swimwear hygiene liners and swing tags, we’ve got you covered in recycled materials and plant-based goodness. Unlike plastic that sticks around forever, our biodegradable packaging takes less time than it takes you to decide if you want that one piece in Ivory or Olive. 


Shipping might not be as glamorous as a beachside photo shoot, but we're committed to doing it the sustainable way. Our postage satchels are armed with a resealable strip, just in case you need to make a return (though we hope you'll fall head over heels for every Nirvanaa piece!). The adhesive strip? It's recycled and recyclable plastic, baby! And the rest of the satchel? Fully compostable, because we believe in giving back to OUR PLANET with every step we take.